The Ultimate DIY Silk Press Masterclass

How to make your new growth while relaxer stretching

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Is your out of control new growth stopping you from stretching your relaxer?

You are not alone! Many others are in the same boat as you.

I have a quick question for you.. Would you like to be able to stretch your relaxer for 4-6 months, AND still keep your edges and roots straight?

You have tried to stretch your relaxer before. So.. why exactly are you just not able to get it?

Be honest, this isn't the first time you have been looking for a proven way to control your new growth before it's relaxer time is it?

When will you finally get the magic formula??

When you take this class, you will discover every single step on how to do the perfect silk press on your new growth and make your edges and roots lay flat.

Hey there! My name is LaToya Jones. And just a few years ago I was just like you. Before I became a professional hairstylist I used to get my relaxers every six weeks. I was that client that hairstylists always charged extra after they saw my hair because it was so long and super thick.

Even the thought of going past six weeks made my hairstylist frown! As I got older and more interested in hair care and having healthier hair, I realized that getting relaxers every six weeks was probably not a great idea. At six weeks I didn't really have much new growth anyway. I didn't want my hair to become damaged and break off so I started stretching to ten weeks.

I did that for a while but once I actually started doing hair professionally I learned exactly how the hair was being broken down when it got over processed. This led me to developing a process of relaxing that ensured that my new growth was only relaxed one time.

Typically, when getting a relaxer, the average stylist processes 1-2 inches of hair from the root.

That's when it clicked for me! Logically, I decided to grow at least two inches of new growth before getting a relaxer!

The average person's hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. With this calculation it would take four months to grow two inches of hair. At only six weeks you don't have even a full inch of new growth, which means that if you consistently relax your hair every six weeks, you will end up with over processed and damaged hair which is identified by:

* breakage

* shedding

* thinner towards the ends

* thick at the root

* grows to a certain length then stops

I encourage all of my clients to go four months (16 weeks) before getting a relaxer since that is how long it takes to get two inches of new growth. I personally go six months!

The only problem with stretching your relaxer is that the new growth can be unruly and downright disrespectful as it continues to grow. To keep my hair straight at four, five, and six months I had to silk press my roots. This allows me to stretch for as long as I want and have my hair still look like a fresh relaxer!

And that is exactly what I am going to teach you in this course!

You'll learn every technique, tip, and secret to silk pressing your own hair. Your hair can look like it was professionally done, even if you have no professional skills no matter what hair texture you have.

Once I started stretching my relaxers and maintaining my new growth by silk pressing it, my hair became so much healthier! The entire strand of my hair became thick, and not just the roots. Also, my hair looks so healthy that I'm constantly getting asked if I am natural! People just don't believe that my relaxed hair can be as healthy as it is!

The Ultimate DIY Silk Press Masterclass is my online course that shows you how to do a great silk press on your new growth, no matter what hair texture you have.

This class took a lot of time for me to master. But the end result is totally worth it.

My method of silk pressing is easy and very effective! What used to frustrate me and make me want to break down and get a relaxer before it was time, now doesn't bother me at all because I know how to handle it! And it literally only takes me one hour to do.

Whether you are a hairstylist, or a non-professional who simply wants to know how to do your own hair, you will get a lot out of this class! You will perfect your silk press craft literally in one day!

Here is what you will learn in The Ultimate DIY Silk Press Masterclass:

Section 1: Introduction

In this section:

  • I will introduce myself
  • Give a brief background on how I started doing silk presses
  • Tell you what you can expect out of the class

Section 2: Gathering the necessary supplies

In this section:

  • I will show you everything you need for the silk press process
  • This includes EVERYTHING I use myself to get the results that I get

Section 3:Prepping the hair

In this section:

  • You will learn how to prep the hair before the process even begins

Section 4:The shampoo process

In this section:

  • You will see step by step how to properly shampoo
  • You will learn how your clean hair and scalp should feel to ensure great results
  • You will learn which shampoo is best for your hair

Section 5: How to properly condition your hair

In this section:

  • You will learn how important it is to choose the right conditioner
  • How to properly condition your hair
  • How to layer moisture on your hair

Section 6: The blow dry process

In this section:

  • You will learn the fastest and most efficient way to blow dry your hair
  • You will learn the proper technique
  • I will give you a secret that you never knew about blow drying the hair

Section 7: The flat iron process

In this section:

  • You will learn how to flat iron your hair!
  • You will learn how to get the silky look
  • You will see what you were doing wrong before

Plus, you'll also learn the finishing touches, how to maintain your silk press, how to avoid heat damage, and I'll throw in some product recommendations in the end.

Think about how much you would pay if you got a silk press every two weeks for a year, or think about how much you you would make if every client you had for a week straight got a silk press. I charge an average of $80 to do a silk press. If my client came every two weeks for a year, they would pay me $2080 ($80x26 weeks). Thinking about that, the value of this class is at least $2000.

If all this class did was either save you some money by doing your own silk press or made you some money by doing someone else's silk press wouldn't it be worth it?

Well, I'm not going to charge you $2000. I'm only going to charge you $97!

But you must act quickly because as the demand for this class increases, so will the price.

Think about the last time you tried to stretch your relaxer and all the new growth you had that you were unable to manage. Just imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to straighten your new growth, even at 6 months post relaxer!

So click on the button below right now, and you'll be taken to a secure order page. From there you simply enroll in the class by putting in your credit card information. Then you'll have instant access to the class, even if it is at 2:00 a.m.!

For those of you are already signing up, this is what's going to happen next: You will begin with module one and proceed through the remaining modules only when you are comfortable enough to do so. That is part of the beauty of this class. You go at your own pace!

For the rest of you who are on the fence, you can continue to keep guessing and wasting time wondering what you are doing wrong, or you can let me help you make and save some money!

Remember, you get everything I know (which is a lot) about how to do the perfect silk press on any hair texture. And you get to keep the class forever! So go ahead and click the button below and I'll see you in class!

Your Instructor

LaToya Jones
LaToya Jones

LaToya Jones is the influencer behind LaToya has been blogging since 2012 and what started as just something to do in her spare time has turned into a full business. Now is a part of the by L. Jones brand which has grown into a YouTube channel (ToyaJTV), newsletter, salon (L. Jones Salon), hair product company (by L. Jones), hair extension company (L. Jones Hair Collection), and flat iron line (Toi by L. Jones).

Now LaToya is teaching other women how to do their own hair at home and other hairstylists how to take their business to the next level. You can learn more about all of LaToya's courses & masterclasses.

Course Curriculum

  Section 1: Introduction
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  Section 2: List of needed materials
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days after you enroll
  Section 3: Prepping the hair
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  Section 4: The shampoo process
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  Section 5: Conditioning the hair
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  Section 7: The flat iron process
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  Section 8: Adding the finishing touches
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  Section 9: Maintaining your silk press
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  Section 10: Conclusion
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! Please contact me within 7 days to discuss any issues that you may have. All digital products however, are nonrefundable. If you have specific questions about the course please ask me all questions before purchasing.
Can I take the course if I have relaxed hair?
Yes! If you are relaxed but like to stretch your relaxers out or are transitioning into natural hair but want to know what to do with your new growth, this class will be perfect for you as well!
Do I have to use the same products that you use?
It is recommended but not required. However, I can not guarantee your results should you choose to use something different.

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